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Which Was The 29th State In India?

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Do you know which was the 29th state in India? It is Telangana, which was the 29th state in India and the youngest state in India which came into existence from 2 June 2014. However, now it is the 28th state of India as now there are only 28 states in India. So, let’s now know more about the 28th state Telangana in this post below

Which Is The 29th State In India?

As we know which was the 29th state in India, let’s now know in detail about the state below. There is a wealth of tourist places in Telangana. The state is known for its hospitality, multi-cultural, and pluralistic society. The capital city of Telangana is Hyderabad which is the fifth largest city in India and has many of the best educational institutions in the country. 

Public sector and defense sector companies and a flourishing global service sector, film industry, and its world-famous Hyderabadi are situated here. 

The weather of Telangana, built in a major part of the Deccan plateau, is very picturesque and pleasant with abundant natural and water resources present here. The state is a gateway to the Krishna and Godavari rivers in South India and is also considered as the seed capital of India. 

Telangana, one of the most prosperous economies of India, has now taken the place it deserves in a highly developed state and society and country with a glorious history and great heritage. 

Telangana, apart from its dynastic and regional influences, has a rich ancient place and scenic beauty for tourists visiting here. Telangana is unmatched with carved temples, magnificent palaces, and forts depicting serene lakes, lush green forests, hilly areas, abundant wildlife, flora and fauna, and Hindu, Pathan, and Parsi style. 

The artistic nature of the local people of Telangana has found expression through various art forms of different castes and regions, such as paintings, metals, and artwork on wood and cloth and has earned an international reputation in these areas. 

Telangana is famous all over the world for its amazing bronze art, making these incredible sculptures requires extraordinary efficiency. The Nirmal Town located here is world-famous for the creation of a variety of rare craft artifacts through the best techniques of traditional arts. 

Other major art forms here include Nizamabad Panels, Nirmal Painted Furniture, Dokra Casting, Silver Zardozi, Cheryl Scroll Paintings, Bidri Handicraft, and Pembarti Brass Utensils.

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