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Which One Is The Tallest Building In Kolkata?

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Fast-growing technology is leaving its mark everywhere. No building is also untouched by this because modern technology is being resorted to building a big building. Earlier, the record of India's largest building was near the building in Mumbai but now it has reached the record of Kolkata because the construction of the country's tallest building in Kolkata has been completed some time ago.

The building in Kolkata is named “The 42 Chowringhee”, which has a height of 268 meters. Earlier, the record of the high building was near the Imperial Building in Mumbai. The height of the Imperial building of Mumbai is 254 meters. So, let’s now know in details about the building

Know More About The Tallest Building In Kolkata:

On the Jawaharlal Nehru Road in the metropolis, the country's tallest building 'The 42' has been completed. The 65-story building 'The 42' has a height of 268 meters. It has snatched the title of the tallest skyscraper in the country from the Imperial Building in Mumbai. 

There is a large ground in front of the building and beyond it, the Hooghly River is seen flowing. The second tallest building in Kolkata is Arabana. It is a 167.6-meter tall building. The Forum Atmosphere and Westin are 152 m and 150 m tall buildings respectively. 

After this, 13 buildings more than 100 meters high are also in this city, including South City, ITC Royal Bengal, and Acropolis. At the same time, the highest high-rise buildings in India are in Mumbai, where their number is more than 3000. 

This includes residential, commercial, and retail complexes. The Imperial-II was the tallest building not only in Mumbai but also in the country. But now '42' of Kolkata has got this title.

This 256-meter high building was built for residential use, which has 60 floors. Imperial-II This tower is built in the MP Mills compound and has duplex apartments above the 40th floor. 

150–270 degree outside view can be seen from each apartment. This building was designed and constructed by the famous architect Hafiz Contractor by Shapoorji Pallonji Group. However, India still lags behind in the construction of skyscrapers of over 200 meters in the country.

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