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What Are The Tamil Speaking Countries?

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The Tamil language is one of the 18 languages listed in the Indian Constitution, which has been accorded special status and functions. Tamil is the official language of Tamil Nadu (1956) and the Union Territory of Pondicherry (1965) and one of the official languages of Sri Lanka and Singapore. Tamil is the second language of about 5 million people. So, let’s now know in details about which are the Tamil speaking countries

Know More About the Tamil Language:

About 2,500 years of an unbroken history of Tamil is in writing. Broadly in its historical classification, the ancient - fifth century BC. The period includes the seventh century after Christ, the mid-eighth to the sixteenth century, and the modern-17th century. 

Some grammatical and literal changes indicate these tenses, but the vowel structure presented in the spelling of the words remains intact. There has been considerable change in the spoken language, including the vowel scientific structure of the words. Because of this Tamil has become a people-bilingual language. 

The excellent form of this language is taught in schools and is used in writing and formal speech, while the following developed in homes is used in informal conversation. 

The following type is also a standard format, different from the regional and social (ethnic) types used by educated speakers. 

  • There is a wide regional variation between the Indian and Sri Lankan (Jaffna) Tamil language. 

  • Within Tamil Nadu, the differences in North, Western, and Southern dialects are evident. Regional variation corresponds to social variation.

What Are The Tamil Speaking Countries?

The Tamil language is a Dravidian language, of which over 90% of the more than 50 million speakers worldwide live in India and 83 percent centered in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is the fifth-largest language in India, representing about seven percent of the country's population. 

Originally around 34 lakh Tamil-speaking people live in Sri Lanka, three lakh in Singapore, and two lakh in Malaysia. The descendants of Tamil-speaking people who migrated in the colonial period settled in Mauritius, Fiji, and South America, with varying Tamil proficiency, as well as the convenience of formal study in schools.

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