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Top & Important Dams In India

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The dams accept a huge activity in the country's water framework and provincial new development, but, it impacts people and the earth and common life. Thusly, today I am going to give a once-over of dams in India. So, let’s see the dams in India.

Nizam Sagar Dam: 

State: Telangana

River: Manjira River

Height: 95.72 meters

Length: 6392.73 meters

Kadana Dam:

State: Gujarat

River: Mahi River

Height: 66 meters

Length: 1551 meters

Bhakra Nangal Dam:

State: Himachal Pradesh and Punjab Border

River: Sutlej River

Height: 520 meters

Length: 200.1 meters

Nathpa Jhakri Dam:

State: Himachal Pradesh

River: Satluj River

Height: 62.5 meters

Length: 185 meters

Uri Hydroelectric Dam:

State: Jammu and Kashmir

River: Jhelum River

Height: 52 meters

Length: 157 meters

Maithon Dam:

State: Jharkhand

River: Barakar River

Height: 50 meters

Length: 4,789 meters

Chandil Dam:

State: Jharkhand

River: Swarnarekha River

Height: 56.80 meters

Length: 720.10 meters

Panchet Dam:

State: Jharkhand

River: Damodar River

Height: 45 meters

Length: 6,777 meters

Tunga Bhadra Dam:

State: Karnataka

River: Tungabhadra River

Height: 49.5 meters

Length: 18406 meters

Krishna Raja Sagara Dam:

State: Karnataka

River: Kaveri River

Height: 130 ft

Length: 8600 ft

Harangi Dam:

State: Karnataka

River: Harangi River

Height: 50 m

Length: 846 m

Narayanpur Dam:

State: Karnataka

River: Krishna River

Height:29.72 meters

Length: 10,637.52 meters

Idukki Dam:

State: Kerala

River: Periyar River

Height: 168.91 m

Length: 365.85 m

Kundala Dam:

State: Kerala

River: Kundala Lake

Height: 1700 meters

Length: 259 meters

Walayar Dam:

State: Kerala

River: Walayar River

Height: 20 m

Length: 1478.00 m

Mullaperiyar Dam:

State: Kerala

River: Periyar River

Height: 53.66 m

Length: 365.85 m

Neyyar Dam:

State: Kerala

River: Neyyar River

Height: 56 m

Length: 294 m

Rajghat Dam:

State: Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh Border

River: Betwa River

Height: 43.8 m

Length: 11200 m

Gandhi Sagar Dam:

State: Madhya Pradesh

River: Chambal River

Height: 62.17 m

Length: 514 m

Koyna Dam:

State: Maharashtra

River: Koyna River

Height: 103.2 m

Length: 807.2 m

Tansa Dam:

State: Maharashtra

River: Tansa river

Height: 41 m

Length: 2,804 m

Girna Dam:

State: Maharashtra

River: Girana river

Height: ‎54.56 m

Length: 963.17 m

Vaitarna Dam:

State: Maharashtra dams of India

River: Vaitarna river

Height: ‎82 m

Length: ‎567.07 m

Radhanagari Dam:

State: Telangana

River: Bhogawati River

Height: 42.68 m

Length: 1,143 m

Lower Manair Dam:

State: Telangana

River: Manair River

Height: 41 m

Length: 10,741 m

Mid Manair Dam:

State: Telangana

River: Manair River and SRSP Flood Flow Canal

Height: 45 m

Length: 388 m

Hirakud Dam:

State: Odisha

River: Mahanadi River

Height: 60.96 m

Length: 4800 m

Rihand Dam:

State: Uttar Pradesh

River: Rihand River

Height: 91.46 m

Length: 934.45 m

Tehri Dam:

State: Uttarakhand

River: Bhagirathi River

Height: 260 m

Length: 575 m

Dhauli Ganga Dam:

State: Uttarakhand

River: Dhauli Ganga River

Height: 56 m

Length: 315 m

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