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States Of India And Their Capitals With Political Map

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India is the seventh largest country in the world. It has 28 states and 9 union territories. Therefore today I will tell you Indian states and their capitals. See this below...

1. Andhra Pradesh - Amravati:

Earlier the capital of this state was Hyderabad. In 2015, the foundation stone of its new capital Amravati was laid.

2. Arunachal Pradesh - Itanagar:

Itanagar is the capital of this state since 20 April 1974.

3. Assam - Dispur:

Earlier the capital of Assam used to be Shillong, but in 1972 Dispur was made its capital.

4. Bihar-Patna:

Patna is the largest city of Bihar. It is the 19th largest city in the country by population.

5. Chhattisgarh - Atal Nagar (New Raipur):

On 21 August 2018, it was announced to rename the capital of this state from Naya Raipur to Atal Nagar.

6. Goa-Panaji:

In 1987 Goa was recognized as a state. Panji is its capital since then.

7. Gujarat- Gandhi Nagar:

Ahmedabad was previously the capital of Gujarat. But later Gandhi Nagar was made its capital.

8. Haryana - Chandigarh:

The name Chandigarh is named after the goddess Chandi Devi. It is also the capital of Punjab.

9. Himachal Pradesh - Shimla / Dharamshala:

This state has two capitals. Dharamshala was declared its winter capital in 2017. Its capital is Shimla in summer.

10. Jharkhand - Ranchi:

Jharkhand accounts for 40 percent of the country's minerals and 29 percent of coal.

11. Karnataka - Bengaluru:

After independence, this state was named Mysore State and its capital was Bangalore.

12. Kerala-Thiruvananthapuram:

Thiruvananthapuram was earlier known as Trivandrum. It is a city situated on seven hills.

13. Madhya Pradesh - Bhopal:

Bhopal was founded by Raja Bhoj in the 11th century. Then it was called Bhojpal, which later became Bhopal.

14. Maharashtra - Mumbai:

Till 1995, Mumbai was called Bombay. It is also called the financial, commercial and entertainment capital of the country.

15. Manipur - Imphal:

Imphal's IIma Keithel Market is Asia's largest market, run by women.

16. Meghalaya - Shillong:

After the formation of the state of Meghalaya in 1972, Shillong became its capital.

17. Mizoram - Aizawl:

Aizawl is also the commercial and cultural capital of this state. It is the largest city in this state.

18. Nagaland - Kohima:

Kohima is the land of the Angami Naga tribe. Earlier Kohima was known as Thigoma.

19. Odisha - Bhubaneswar:

Its capital was Cuttack, which was replaced by Bhubaneswar in 1948.

20. Punjab - Chandigarh:

This Union Territory city was formed in 1966. It was then declared the joint capital of Punjab and Haryana.

21. Sikkim - Gangtok:

Gangtok is a Tibetan word, which means the mountain top.

22. Rajasthan-Jaipur:

Jaipur is the first Planned City of India. Jaipur is also called the Pink City of Rajasthan.

23. Tamil Nadu - Chennai:

Chennai was earlier known as Madras Patanam. It is about 400 years old city.

24. Telangana - Hyderabad:

On 2nd June 2014, Telangana became the 29th state of India. Its capital is Hyderabad.

25. Tripura - Agartala:

Agartala is made by combining two words. According to the 2011 census, the literacy rate here is 93.8 percent.

26. Uttar Pradesh - Lucknow:

Lucknow is also called the city of Nawabs. It is also known as Golden City and Shiraz-e-Hind of Eastern India.

27. Uttarakhand - Dehradun:

Dehradun is one of the oldest cities in the country. It is also mentioned in mythological texts like Mahabharata and Ramayana.

28. West Bengal - Kolkata:

Kolkata was the capital of the country until 1911. Earlier it was called Calcutta.

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