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Most Popular Places In Pondicherry

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One of the seven union territories of India is Pondicherry, also known as 'Puducherry' or simply 'Pandi'. Puducherry has a French influence which can be seen in many small residences and cafes in the region. Sri Aurobindo Ashram is one of the main tourist attractions such as the beautiful beaches that offer the beautiful landscape of Pandi. So, see below some popular places in Pondicherry.

Beach Promenade:

Pondicherry is blessed with a unique beach promenade. This place is well kept and very clean. In this cafe, you can also experience water foam spray while enjoying dishes with cold beverages.

Pondicherry Beach:

Famous as Promenade Beach, this popular beach has a war memorial at one end and a duplex park at the other end. The beach has activities such as walking, swimming, volleyball. The beach is very close to many old places in the city like Mahatma Gandhi statue, Old Lighthouse, Heritage Town, etc. There are also many restaurants on the beach, where local cuisine is served which makes this place a delight for tourists.

Paradise Beach:

Paradise Beach Located in Chunumber near the city of Pondicherry, this beach is also known as Plage Paradiso. Due to this beach being in a secluded place, one has to take a ferry from the backwaters to reach it. When the backwaters are filled with dense mangrove forests in monsoon, this ferry ride gives a pleasant feeling

Ousteri Wetland and National Park:

About 10 km from Pondicherry, this national park is on the border of Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu. A wide variety of aqua-creatures and AV-creatures can also be found here. This place also welcomes many types of migratory birds. Tourists can also enjoy houseboats in the park.


It is named after the Tamil word ‘Erikanmedu’ which means a destroyed hill, about 30 minutes from the port city of Pondicherry. It was found to be a very prehistoric Roman trade center year. This Roman trading center was found during the excavations in 1940, followed by many more excavations. A major attraction of this place is the unit of manufacturing glass beads. The factory is known as the mother of units worldwide.

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