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Famous Hill Stations In Karnataka Near Bangalore

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Talking about travel in a hill station, people's first choice is the cool places of India like Shimla or Leh Ladak, but the part of the country that we are going to tell you today is as beautiful as the hill station here. Visitors are attracted to the tourists by themselves. Today we will tell you about Karnataka, the most beautiful state of South India. Yes, if you too have not made any plans yet, you can plan for Karnataka hill station during holidays. So, let's see some hill station near Bangalore.

Coorg, also known as the Scotland of India and Kashmir in the south, is folk art and quiet environment is totally different from the difficulties of urban life. Tourists in Coorg will often be happy to talk to the local people here. Located 5,000 feet above sea level, Kurg is known for its natural views and scenic scenery. By coming here, you will forget all your problems and you will find yourself relaxed in the crowds of the city.

This hill station in Karnataka is a perfect place for those looking for solitude. If you love the mountains and want to spend your holidays in the foothills of such an untouched mountain, then you must come to Kodachadri. Kodachadri hill, situated at an altitude of about 1843 meters above sea level, is on the Western Ghats. Home to some of the most endangered species of animals and flora, this place is also a challenging place for mountain-goers, where they must dream of climbing.

Kundadri Mountain Site is a huge mountain site made of rock, about 3200 feet above sea level. There are dense evergreen forests. Tourists here plan to come to these quiet hills to enjoy the solitude. The cool breeze from the west flows here and the clear blue water and the sinking sun captures most people.

Chikmagalur is the most suitable mountain spot for you if you want to have fun and wander among the hills, the natural beauty is scattered around it, where you can enjoy the cool view of the valley and enjoy the beautiful view of the valley. The Chikmagalur hill station of Karnataka is full of awe-inspiring views. It is located at an altitude of about 1900 meters with high mountains, picturesque slopes, silver-like water, and deep valleys.
Nandi Hills:

Nandi Hills is a summer place, 60 km north of Bangalore. It is also known as Nandi Durga and once used to be the favorite summer holiday for Tipu Sultan. This 1478 meter high hill is the source of many rivers in Karnataka and many wildlife are found in the forests.
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